What is Geocomposite products


What is Geocomposite products

Geotextiles, geomembranes, geogridsand some special geosynthetics are combined with two or more of them to become geocomposites. Geocomposite materials can combine the properties of different materials to better meet the needs of specific projects and can play a variety of functions. For example, composite geomembrane is a geotextile composition made of geomembrane and geotextile according to certain requirements.


Among them, the geomembrane is mainly used to prevent seepage, and the geotextile plays a role of reinforcement, drainage and increasing the friction between the geomembrane and the soil surface. Another example is the geocomposite drainage material, which is a drainage material composed of non-woven geotextiles and geonets, geomembranes or geosynthetic core materials of different shapes. It is used for soft foundation drainage consolidation treatment, roadbed vertical and horizontal drainage, and construction underground drainage. Pipes, collection wells, drainage behind the walls of supporting buildings, tunnel drainage, dam drainage facilities, etc. The plastic drainage board commonly used in roadbed engineering is a kind of geocomposite drainage material.


A large number of geocomposites used for roads are glass fiber polyester anti-cracking cloth and warp-knitted composite reinforced anti-cracking cloth. It can extend the service life of the road, thereby greatly reducing the cost of repair and maintenance. Considering the long-term economic benefits, geocomposite materials should be actively adopted and promoted.

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