"Geotextiles and Geomembranes" abstract collection (No. 5, 2019)


"Geotextiles and Geomembranes" abstract collection (No. 5, 2019)

   The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) has sponsored two international journals, namely Geotextiles and Geomembranes (Geotextiles and Geomembranes, G&G), and Geosynthetics International (Geosynthetics International). ", referred to as G&I). G&G was founded in 1984, and its current impact factor is 3.400; G&I was founded in 1994, and its current impact factor is 2.802. Currently, both journals are bimonthly.



   In view of the important influence of G&G and G&I in the field of international geosynthetics, many major research results on geosynthetics at home and abroad have been published in these two journals. In order to enable members of the association to keep abreast of the latest international research progress, the secretariat of the association has collected and sorted out information such as abstracts of papers recently published on G&G and G&I, and will continue to share it with members of the association.

   In the fifth issue of G&G 2019, a total of 11 academic papers were published, covering the numerical and experimental coupling analysis of the load transfer mechanism of the reinforced soil structure in the cavity area, the application of geotextiles in the sand trapping net, and the length of the tail of the geos The influence of slope reinforcement effect, vacuum preloading technology to improve the performance of super soft soil embankment, the bearing capacity test of geosynthetic material-wrapped gravel soil pile, the fracture characteristics of geosynthetic reinforced asphalt concrete beam, the restraint conditions of wall toe on geosynthetics The influence of centrifugal model test of reinforced soil retaining wall, the application of geocomposite materials in shallow buried pipelines, the influence of composite drainage layer on the performance of geogrid-reinforced non-coarse-grained retaining walls, the effect of wall tilt and uniform overload The influence of geosynthetic materials on the performance of reinforced soil retaining walls, and the application of electrical leakage detection and positioning technology in preventing the leakage of geomembrane.

   The paper catalog is as follows:

   1. Title: Coupled numerical and experimental analyses of load transfer mechanisms in granular-reinforced platform overlying cavities

    Author: Caroline Chalak, Laurent Briançon, Pascal Villard (France)

   2. Title: Improvements in small-scale standardized testing of geotextiles used in silt fence applications

    Author:. J.B Whitman, W.C. Zech, W.N. Donald (USA)

   3. Title: Experimental and upper-bound study of the influence of soilbag tail length on the reinforcement effect in soil slopes

    Author: Yan-Qiao Wang, Kang Liu, Xian Li, Qiu-Bing Ren, Lan-Lan Li, Zhen-Hua Zhang, Ming-Chao Li (China)

   4. Title: Performance of a test embankment on very soft clayey soil improved with drain-to-drain vacuum preloading technology

    Author:. N.P López-Acosta, A.L. Espinosa-Santiago, V.M. Pineda-Núñez, A. Ossa, M.J. Mendoza, E. Ovando-Shelley, E. Botero (Mexico)

   5. Title: Large-scale load capacity tests on a geosynthetic encased column

    Author: Nima R. Alkhorshid, Gregório L.S. Araujo, Ennio M. Palmeira, Toshinori Kawabata (Brazil & USA)

   6. Title: Investigations on fracture characteristics of geosynthetic reinforced asphalt concrete beams using single edge notch beam tests

    Author: Nithin Sudarsanan, Rajagopal Karpurapu, Veeraragavan Amirthalingam (United States & India)

   7. Title: Influence of toe restraint conditions on performance of geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining walls using centrifuge model tests

    Author: Wan Zhang, Jian-feng Chen, Yan Yu (China)

   8. Title: Evaluation of geocomposite compressible layers as induced trench method applied to shallow buried pipelines

    Author:. R Plácido, F.H.M. Portelinha (Brazil)

   9. Title: Centrifuge and numerical model studies on the behaviour of geogrid reinforced soil walls with marginal backfills with and without geocomposite layers

    Author: Hamid Reza Razeghi, B.V.S. Viswanadham, Jaber Mamaghanian (Iran & India)

   10. Title: Evaluation of the combined effect of facing inclination and uniform surcharge on GRS walls

    Author:. S.H Mirmoradi, M. Ehrlich, P. Chinchay, C. Dieguez (Brazil)

   11. Title: Controlling leakage through installed geomembranes using electrical leak location

    Author: Abigail Gilson-Beck (USA)


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