woven geotextile fabric for erosion control


We shall now examine the next main use of woven geotextile fabric after pollution control, which is that of erosion control. Erosion problems can be classified according to conditions:

Rain erosion for slopes.

sea erosion for all shores.

Erosion problems represent an economically very important factor in all agricultural countries since erosion carriers away rich top soil containing the organic compounds needed for crop growth. The problem also includes that of slopes stability, since an eroded slope is more likely to attack cut-and-full works and can often disfigure the countries. The design of any civil engineering works must take into account erosion risks in order to meet the approval of the ecologists lobby.

Soil mechanics engineers are often not at all familiar with the mechaniism of erosion. A brief review of the basic principles is given below in order to better demonstrate the advantages of geosynthetics.

The universal equation of rain ersion is presented here. the use of PP woven geotextile fabric have been placed in the erosion control. 

The aim of solutions involving the use of man-made solutions is to compensate for the inadequacy of the vegetation during the period of trasition. A geomat is non-woven, loosely structured geosynthetic material : the woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile.

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