White Nonwoven Geotextile membrane


The Features of nonwoven geotextile membrane:

The raw materials used are mainly polyester, followed by polypropylene and vinylon, and the unit weight of the polyester is 100-800 g/m2, the  unit weight of the polypropylene is 100-2000g/m2. In addition, nonwoven geotextile membrane can also be used for soil reinforced materials to reinforce soft foundations or to build light-weight retaining walls, while also reducing the pore water pressure under the embankment. Nonwoven geotextile membrane are more popular than woven geotextiles. 

The production methods mainly include spunbonding and acupuncture, and the acupuncture method has a large proportion all over the world. Nonwoven geotextile membrane have been widely used to solve the problems of subgrade subsidence and muddy mud, and is used for the drainage system of earth-rock dam drainage system, underground drainage pipe, weak foundation reinforcement, slope protection shoulders of various embankments, etc. 

Therefore, the development of nonwoven geotextile membrane is very fast and has become a major component of geotextiles. The nonwoven geotextile membrane have a large elongation, can adapt to large deformation, can be made into pores of appropriate size according to needs, and has better permeation and exudation force in both horizontal and vertical directions.

white nonwoven geotextile

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