What is the application of the geotextile?


The application of Long Fibre nowoven Geotextile.

1. Protective function. When the rain-season is coming, the rainwater will be flowing without the stones and sands.
Geotextile can protect and prevent erosion of soil or water to paved surface.

2. The geotextile can allow water to pass through and effectively prevent soil particles from passing, thus preventing soil erosion.
3. The  third application of geotextile is drainage. The nonwoven geotextile can form drainage channels in the soil and collect the water in the soil and discharge them along the plane of the material.
4. The forth application of geotextile is seepage prevention function, geotextile and composite geomembrane, which can prevent the leakage of liquid, volatilization of gases, protect the environment or the safety of buildings.

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