the Geotextile


The basic requirements for the laying of geotextiles:

1, the seams shall be intersected with the line of slope; and stress balance or local slope may, joint distance must be greater than 1.5m.

2. On the slope, one end of the geotextile is anchored, and the sloping surface of the roll is lowered to ensure the tending of the geotextile.

3, all of the geotextile are required to use the sand bag down, sandbag will be used in the laying period and to keep laying above a layer of material.

Geotextile laying process requirements:

1, grass-roots inspection: check whether the grass-roots level, solid, if there are foreign objects, should not be handled properly.

2. Test: according to the situation, the size of the geotextile is determined, and the cutting is made after cutting, and the cutting size should be accurate.

3, check whether the width of Sara is suitable, the lap should be smooth and relaxed.

4. Positioning: bonding the lap parts of the two geotextiles with a hot air gun. The spacing of the bonding points should be suitable.

5. The suture line should be straight and the stitches should be uniform when suturing the lap parts.

6, after suture, it should be checked whether the geotextiles are laid off, and whether there are defects.

7. If there is an undesirable phenomenon, it should be repaired in time.

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