The Applications of Geotextile


The geotextiles should be avoided to be damaged before the installation is installed. The geotextile should be stacked in a place where the water is flat, the height of the pile is not more than four volumes, and the roll's recognition film can be seen. Geotextiles must be covered with opaque materials to prevent ultraviolet aging. In the process of storage, the integrity of the label and the data should be maintained.

Construction site of long fiber Geotextile

In the course of transportation (including the transportation of the site from the material storage to the working place), the geotextile must be prevented from being damaged.

Physical damage to the geotextiles must be repaired. Geotextiles that are badly worn are not used. Any geotextiles that are exposed to the chemical reagents of the leakage are not allowed to be used in this project.

The laying method of geotextile:

1, use manual rolling, the cloth surface should be smooth, and properly leave the deformation allowance.
2. The installation of long wire or short wire geotextiles usually uses several methods of lap, stitching and welding. The width of stitching and welding is generally above 0.1M, and the lap width is generally more than 0.2m. The geotextiles that may be exposed for a long time should be welded or sutured.

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