The Applications of Geotextiles


1: isolation

Building materials with different physical properties (size, distribution, consistency and density, etc.) with polyester staple fiber needling Geotextile

Materials such as soil and sand, soil and concrete are isolated. Keep two or more materials not lost, not mixed, to keep the material

2: filter

When water flows into the coarse soil layer from the fine soil layer, the good air permeability and water permeability of the terylene short fiber needling geotextile are used to make the water flow.

3: Drainage

The terylene short fiber needle-punched geotextile has good water conductivity. It can form the drainage channel inside the soil, and the structure of the soil is more than that of the soil.

The remaining liquid and gas discharge.

4: reinforcement

The tensile strength and anti deformation ability of the soil are enhanced by the use of polyester staple fiber needling geotextile to enhance the stability of the building structure, so as to improve the stability of the structure.

Good mass of soil.

5: Protection

When the flow is scoured to the soil, the concentrated stress is effectively spread, transferred or decomposed to prevent soil from being destroyed by the external force, and geotextile protect the soil.

6: puncture prevention

The combination of geomembrane and geotextile become a compound waterproof and seepage proof material, which plays an important role in preventing puncture.

High tensile strength, good permeability, air permeability, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and no worm moth.

The  short fiber needle-punched geotextile is a widely used geosynthetic material. Reinforced and highway pavement widely used for Railway Subgrade

Maintenance, gymnasium, embankment and dam protection, isolation of hydraulic construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

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