Standard interpretation of Geotextile


(1) the classification method, naming format, product specification and application scope of geotextile are formulated.

(2) the technical requirements of geotextile products have been formulated, and the requirements of appearance quality and technical performance indexes of various geotextile have been clearly defined.

(3) test method is put forward. A series of geotextile products, including sampling and sample preparation, appearance, size, tensile strength and elongation at break, tear strength, bursting strength, grip strength CBR, equivalent aperture and vertical permeability coefficient, mass per unit area, anti UV properties, punctured strength, Dynamic perforation (Fall cone), wet sieve aperture, friction coefficient, creep resistance and wear resistance test method, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistant properties, elongation and elongation load, geotextile bag, geotextile bag, geotextile tube bag seam tensile strength index, and in the form of appendix, on principle the main test equipment, sample, test procedure and calculation method for the detailed provisions.

(4) the rules for the inspection of geotextile products have been formulated, including inspection classification, ex factory inspection, type inspection, batch and sampling, determination rules, etc..

(5) the specific requirements for the marking, packaging, transportation and storage of geotextile products are stipulated.

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