Interpretation of series standards of GEOGRID


(1) the geogrid used to improve the structural stability of reinforced earth retaining wall or reinforced earth steep slope in the railway subgrade through the reinforcement of the tensile force and the reinforcement of the soil interface, mainly adopts the one-way tensile plastic geogrid (HDPE).

(2) for railway embankment filling compaction, prevent the slope collapse of the geogrid, mainly by biaxial tensile plastic geogrid or biaxial warp knitted polyester geogrid.

(3) in the foundation treatment of railway engineering, the geogrid which coordinates the force and deformation is mainly used single (double) stretch plastic geogrid (PP), two-way warp knitted polyester geogrid or two-way welded polyester geogrid.

The physical indexes include the mass per unit area, the size of the inner hole, the width and the width of the transverse rib (the unidirectional tensile plastic geogrid).

Mechanical indexes include tensile strength, tensile strength at 2% and 5% elongation, nominal elongation and connection strength (one-way tensile plastic geogrid) and so on.

Durability refers to: anti UV strength retention, carbon black content and distribution (tensile plastic geogrid), creep reduction factor (one-way tensile plastic geogrid) and so on.

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