How to use the Geotextile in the constrution?


The applications of geotextile in the construction are as below:

Transportation of geotextile
Geotextile must be protected from damage during transportation (including site transportation from material storage to work place).
Geotextile must be repaired after physical damage. Geotextile that are badly worn are not used. Any geotextile that are exposed to chemical leaks are not allowed to be used in this project.

Geotextile are used in the water conservance projects dam and revetment filter, channel isolation, sewage control;

The second application of geotextile is foundation isolation, filtration, drainage, soil slope, retaining wall.

The third application of geotextile are paved in pavement Reinforcement, drainage, soft foundation treatment of port engineering, reinforcement and drainage of beach levees, seaport wharf and breakwater, storage, transportation. 

Geotextile are used in the sewage treatment.

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