The application characteristics of Geotextile

1. because the synthetic fibers used for Geotextile production are mainly nylon, polyester, polypropylene and ethylene. They all have strong anti burial and corrosion resistance.

2. geotextile is permeable material, so it has a good filter isolation function.

3, the nonwoven geotextile have good drainage performance due to their bulky structure.

4. geotextile has good anti puncture ability, so it has good protection performance.

5. geotextile has good friction coefficient and tensile strength, and has geotechnical reinforcement performance.

In recent years, geosynthetics have been widely used in rock engineering, especially in flood control and emergency engineering, and have attracted great attention from engineering and technical personnel. For the application technology of geotextile, the state has put forward the standard technical requirements from the aspects of seepage control, filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection, which greatly accelerate the application of the new materials. This material is widely applied in canal seepage control works in irrigation area. Combined with construction practice, the application technology of geotextile is discussed.

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