Geogrid is a main geosynthetics. Compared with other geosynthetics, it has unique properties and functions. Geogrid are often used as reinforcement or composite reinforcement for reinforced earth structures. Geogrid is divided into two types, glass fiber and polyester fiber.

(1) plastic geogrid

This kind of geogrid is a rectangular or rectangular polymer mesh formed by stretching, which can be divided into two kinds of unidirectional and biaxial stretching according to the different direction of the tensile. It is perforated by extruded polymer plates (mostly polypropylene or HDPE), and then directional stretching is carried out under heating conditions. The uniaxial geogrid is drawn only along the length of the plate, while the biaxial grille continues to stretch the unidirectional grille in the direction perpendicular to its length.

Because the polymer in the geogrid is made in the process of heating extension, the polymer will rearrange and orientate, strengthen the bonding force between the molecular chains, and achieve the purpose of improving its strength. Its elongation is only 10% ~ 15% of the original plate. If carbon black and other anti-aging materials are added into geogrid, it will have better acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

(2) fiber-glass geogrid

This kind of geogrid is made of high strength glass fiber, sometimes with self adhesive pressure glue and surface asphalt impregnation, so that the grille and asphalt pavement are tightly integrated into one. Because of the increasing interlocking force in the geogrid grid, the friction coefficient between them increases significantly (up to 0.8 to 1). The uplift force of the geogrid embedded in the soil is greatly increased because of the strong friction and bite force between the grille and the soil. Therefore, it is a good reinforcement material.

At the same time, the geogrid is a kind of flat material with light quality and a certain flexibility. It is easy to cut and connect in the field. It can overlap overlapping, easy construction and no special construction machinery and professional technicians.

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