5, the connection of geotextiles must follow the following rules: under normal circumstances, there is no horizontal connection on the slope (the connection should not intersect along the slope surface) except for the place of repair.

6. If suture is used, the suture line must be made of the same or more material with the geotextile material, and the suture line must be held for anti chemical ultraviolet material. The stitches and geotextiles should have obvious chromatic aberrations to facilitate inspection.

7, special attention should be paid to stitching at the time of installation to ensure that no gravel in the clay or gravel cover enters the geotextile.

Damage and repair of geotextiles:

1, in the suture, to re repair, and to ensure that the end part of the suture has been re skipping.

2. In all areas, apart from the rock slope, the loopholes or tearing sections must be repaired and sutured with the same geotextile patch.

3. At the bottom of the landfill, if the length of the crack is more than 10% of the width of the rolled material, the damaged part must be cut off, and then the two part of the geotextile is connected.

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