Precautions for installation and construction of geotextiles:

1, Geotextiles can only be cut by using geotextile knives. If they are cut in the field, special protective measures must be taken for other materials, so as to prevent unnecessary damage to them due to cutting geotextiles.

2. While laying geotextiles, all necessary measures must be taken to prevent damage to the next layer of material.

3, when laying geotextiles, we must be careful not to let stones, large amounts of dust or water and other geotextiles possibly destroy geotextiles, obstruct drains or filters, or may bring difficulties to the next connection to enter the bottom of geotextiles or geotextiles.

4, after installation, all geotextiles will be visually inspected to identify all the damaged landowners, marking them and repairing them, making sure that there are no foreign substances such as broken pins and other foreign matter that can cause damage on the laying surface.

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