geotextile application

The geotextile has been widely applied in the field of railway engineering, such as subgrade drainage treatment, subgrade slope or slope scour protection, subgrade slope protection and ground treatment engineering, tunnel waterproof board laying of geotextile as protective layer and drainage layer, abutment slope protection engineering.
Although geotextile is widely used in Railway Engineering, the application of many types, but the railway industry has not had its own standards for products, mainly in the design and construction on the basis of the national standards or other industries, the design of railway engineering construction project construction and inspection parameters, made of geotextile products used within the railway industry standard consistent, test methods and means are not unified, the artificial control factors, product quality is difficult to control the scene.
In order to standardize China's railway industry geotextile product quality and the scope of application, promote the standard of railway geotextile products, standardization, seriation, uniform requirements related to product, to ensure the quality of the project, China railway company "railway engineering project preparation of geosynthetics fifth part geotextile product standard".
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