geotextile and geomembrane for landfill


Let us now look at the specific problems related to the covering of landfills, aside from the questions of sliding resistance already discussed above. In another example, geocells are placed in horizontal sheets, to obtain a clay liner with a vertical surface. deformation of the cap will depend on the waste and thickness. Geomembrane shows a significant tensile strength and a trendency to supprt strain. In a situation where there may be a sink hole under the cap liner and the use of a geosynthetic liner reinfoced by a geogrid or nonwoven geotextile or woven fabrics provides an interesting technical solutions. 

Another example in USA, the reinforcing geogrid is placed on the PVC geomembrane. When calculation of the reinforcement of the cap liner is not simple, it involves large deformation values. An approach had be suggested, showing the distortion gain obtained by using two geogrids to reinforce.

Geocomposites, like the woven fabric and nonwoven geotextile of which are composed, can withstand significant tensile strength. 

Geogrid or geocell for drainage

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