Application of geogrid


 If geogrid is also written according to the original system classification and standards, some problems will arise: the original standard can not be included in the new product categories in time, and a standard is also difficult to cover different processes and different types of products. Different from railway and water industry, almost all kinds of geosynthetics and types of geosynthetics are used in the field of highway engineering. For example, geogrid standards, including plastic geogrid (unidirectional, two-way, three direction, multi direction), steel plastic geogrid, glass fiber geogrid, welding geogrid, fiber plastic geogrid, warp knitted geogrid. Even the reluctance to put all product types into the same standard would be very messy and the user faced difficulties in finding inconveniences. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement and perfect the original system classification method so that it can better adapt to the requirements of the development of the market technology.

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