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  • 1502-2020

    Application of geosynthetics in sanitary landfill anti-seepage system

    The landfill must be impervious to prevent pollution of groundwater and surface water. At the same time, groundwater should be prevented from entering the landfill. The artificial anti-seepage system shall meet the following requirements:

  • 1508-2019

    Geotextile laying basic and process requirements

    1. The joint shall intersect the slope line; where the slope is balanced or there may be stress, the horizontal joint shall be greater than 1.5 m. 2. On the slope surface, anchor one end of the geotextile, and then lay down the slope of the coil to ensure that the geotextile is kept tight. 3. All geotextiles must be pressed with sand bags, which will be used during laying and retained to the top layer of material.

  • 1408-2019

    Geogrid Applications

    Geogrid is suitable for reinforcement of various dams and subgrades, protection of slopes and reinforcement of cave walls. Reinforcement of permanent foundations such as large airports, parking lots, and dock yards.

  • 1308-2019

    Geosynthetics Clay Liner

    Geosynthetics Clay Liner is a kind of geosynthetic material specially used for artificial lake waterscape, landfill, underground garage, roof garden, pool, oil depot and chemical yard. It is made of high expansion.

  • 0908-2019

    Main features of polyester filament non-woven geotextile

    Polyester long-fiber non-woven geotextile has excellent heat and light resistance. Even in the short-term exposure in an environment of nearly 20 ° C, its performance is almost unchanged. After extensive trials and practice, polyester long-fiber non-woven geotextiles have long-term corrosion resistance to various natural soils, moisture and microorganisms. This product is mainly used in the following characteristics:

  • 0808-2019

    The function of polyester filament geotextile

    1, Seperation That is, the use of geotextiles to seperate building materials (such as soil and sand, sand and gravel, soil and concrete) with different physical properties (particle size, distribution, consistency and density). The two or more materials are not lost or mixed, and the overall structure and function of the material are maintained to enhance the load bearing capacity of the structure.

  • 0608-2019

    Polyester Continuous Filament needle punched non woven geotextile

    The filament geotextile is a polyester filament needle-punched non-woven geotextile, which does not contain chemical additives and is not heat treated. It is an environmentally friendly building material.

  • 0608-2019

    What is biaxial plastic geogrid

    The biaxial plastic geogrid is made of polypropylene (PP), plasticized extruded sheet, punched, heated, longitudinally stretched, and transversely stretched.

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