• 2705-2020

    Geotextile type, performance, engineering choice

    Geotextile is a single permeable material produced from non-woven process, woven process, weaving process, wet-laid process, etc. using polymer as raw material. , Water conservancy, water transportation, airport, environmental protection and other basic construction fields, play a role in filtration, drainage, protection, seperation and crack prevention in the project.

  • 2205-2020

    Uncover the anti-seepage secret of Vulcan Mountain Raytheon Mountain Hospital: "Two Geotextile and One Geomembrane" construction process, find out!

    Although the Vulcan and Raytheon hospitals were built as temporary hospitals to fight the epidemic, they are not “temporary” at all in wastewater treatment: fully enclosed operation, and pumped to the municipal pipe network after the third-level liquid chlorine disinfection; press under the entire base HDPE geomembrane is laid as standard in the landfill, as if wearing "protective clothing", the rainwater is collected and disinfected completely, and no drop of sewage is allowed to enter the ground!

  • 2104-2020

    HDPE Geomembrane composite geotextile

    The composite geomembrane is heated by far-infrared heating on one or both sides of the film, and the geotextile and the geomembrane are pressed together by a guide roll to form a composite geomembrane. With the improvement of the production process, there is also a casting process for composite geomembrane. The form has a geotextile one geomembrane, two geotextiles one geomembrane, two geomembrane one geotextile and the like.

  • 2003-2020

    The difference between needle punched geotextile and meltblown textile

    1. Needle-punched geotextiles, needle-punched geotextiles are divided into continuous filament needle punched geotextile and staple fiber needle-punched geotextiles. 2. Meltblown textile, melt-blown non-woven process uses high-speed hot air to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the spinneret of the die, thereby forming ultrafine fibers and condensing on the curtain net, Rely on self-adhesion to become a nonwoven.

  • 0203-2020

    What is coronavirus, how it spread and how can our prevent it

    1. What is a coronavirus? 2. Coronavirus symptoms 3. How it spreads 7. How can you prevent it

  • 1502-2020

    Application of geosynthetics in sanitary landfill anti-seepage system

    The landfill must be impervious to prevent pollution of groundwater and surface water. At the same time, groundwater should be prevented from entering the landfill. The artificial anti-seepage system shall meet the following requirements:

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